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Staff iPad - Filter Login

Staff iPads do not report the current user of the device to the internet filter like Laptops and Chromebooks.  This means the filter does not know if a student or staff member is using the iPad.  The filter will apply the student policy by default.

This results in staff iPads not being able to access sites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Netflix since they are restricted by the student policy.

To access these sites or apps on a staff iPad, you must login to the filter so it knows you are a staff member.

Step 1 - Open Safari and go to the site  www.purple.com.  You will see the standard filter block page.  

Step 2 - Touch the Login button.

Step 3 - Enter your school computer username and password and touch login.

Step 4 - You are now be authenticated with the filter.  You can visit Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, etc. and it should load correctly.


- This is not a permanent login.  Chances are you will need to revisit the login page just before accessing staff only sites on your iPad.  You may want to bookmark www.purple.com for this purpose.

- This is only necessary at school.  Staff iPads are not filtered at home. 

- We are working on a more transparent filter authentication solution for staff iPads.