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Create a parent email group

Login to PowerTeacher.

Click PowerTeacher Pro on the class you want to create a parent email group.

Click the Class button on the left and then Email Class.

Click the checkbox at the top of the Parent/Guardian Email list to select all entries.

Scroll to the bottom of the list and choose the Comma option from the Delimiter Type menu.   Then click the Build List button.

Press CTRL + C on the keyboard to copy the addresses.

Open your email inbox.  Click the apps button in the top right of the window and choose Contacts.

Click the Create Label option on the left.  Type in a name that describes this group of parents.  Click Save.

Click Create Contact at the top left.  Click Create Multiple Contacts.

Click the No Label button and then click the Label you created in the previous step.   Make sure it has a blue check mark.

Click into the box that says "Add names..." and press CTRL + V to paste the copied email addresses.  Click Create at the bottom.

Your Label should now have the emails saved.  

To send a message to your Label, enter the name of the Label into the BCC option of your message.

Remember to use the BCC option to keep your parent emails private.