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Create a parent email group

Login to PowerTeacher.

Click on the Printer button next to one of your classes.

Choose the SL Parent Email List from the reports drop down menu.

If the report queue says 'Running' click the Refresh button.

If the report queue says 'Completed' click the View link.

The report should open and show just a listing of parent/guardian emails for your roster of students.

On your keyboard, press Ctrl + A to select the emails (they will turn blue highlight), then press Ctrl + C to copy the emails.

Open your email inbox.  Click the word Mail on the left of the window and choose Contacts.

Next click the New Group... option.

Give your group a name and click OK.

Click on your group on the left side of the window.  Next click the Add To button at the top.

Right-click and choose Paste to add the parent emails into the box.  Then click the Add option at the bottom.

To send a message to your group, enter the name of the group into the BCC option of your message.

Remember to use the BCC option to keep your parent emails private.