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How to email parents for a class

The following steps outline how to send an email to all the parents in a class.

First, login to Powerteacher and select the backpack icon next to the class or students/parents you want to message.

Select the Email Addresses link on the left side of the window.

Check-mark to select all the Parent email addresses for the class.

Scroll to the bottom and select Comma from the Delimiter type box and then select the Build List button.

Right-click (press to select on iPad) the emails and choose Copy.

Compose a new email message and choose the BCC option. 

BE SURE TO USE THE BCC OPTION WHEN EMAILING PARENTS.  This will keep email addresses hidden from other parents.

Right-click (press to select on iPad) in the BCC field and choose Paste.

Finish composing your email and send.