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HS/MS Final Grade Setup

Setting up PowerTeacher Pro to properly calculate your final grade should be done as a first step of the term.  This article shows how to use T, W, and E term bins to calculate a final grade for either category weighting or total points.  There are also ways to mix the two methods, if you would like help reviewing the more advanced options, please start a tech ticket for assistance.  

We recommended periodically calculating one student's final grade during the term to make sure your calculation is working as expected.

If you find any issue with your setup, or need assistance with your final grade configuration, start a tech ticket and we will help. 

Note:  Students and Parents do not see the grade that is calculated for W or E term bins.  W and E are only visible in the PowerTeacher Pro gradebook.  Depending on your setup, you may see a different grade calculated for W than for T.  The T grade is the official grade.

Category Weighting

For category weighting (ie homework 20%, quizzes 20%, tests 40%, exam 20%), you can ignore the E and W term bins.  Setup your term calculation for T only.  Your T setup should look similar to this:

Total Points

For total points calculation, in order to guarantee your exam is worth a specific percentage, you must use the Term Weights option to calculate the T grade. The W and E term bins are available for this purpose. By default, W calculates total points for all assignments with a due date prior to the last two days of the term.   E calculates total points for all assignments with a due date of the last two days of the term (this should be the exam only).

If you have an exam that falls within the date range of the W term bin, just change the due date to one of the two E term dates.  The same goes for any assignments you have during the E date range.

Your gradebook calculation setup should look similar to this (adjusting your exam weight accordingly):