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Secure Tests and Quizzes with Lockdown Browser

Spring Lake Public Schools has added support into our Schoology Enterprise account for the Respondus LockDown Browser.  This feature is available for all courses at the High School, Middle School and Intermediate School.

Staff can restrict any Test/Quiz so it can only be accessed in the LockDown Browser app.  The LockDown Browser is currently deployed on all school assigned student Chromebooks.

Click here for a video overview of LockDown Browser for instructors.  (This video does not reflect how students in SL will take tests/quizzes on their Chromebooks)

Follow the steps below to create a Test/Quiz that is secured.  Also below are the steps students will take to access the LockDown Browser.

How to create a Quiz/Test that is restricted to the LockDown Browser

Create a new Quiz/Test, or skip to the next step for existing Quiz/Tests.

Click the 'LockDown Browser' option on the left menu.

On the page that appears, click the edit button to the left of the Quiz/Test to secure.

Click 'Modify Settings'.

Choose the option 'Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam'.

Click 'Save and Close'.

The Quiz/Test should now show the LockDown Browser is required.

Clicking Preview on the Quiz/Test should show an option to launch the LockDown Browser.

Students can now only take the Quiz/Test using the LockDown Browser software or Chromebook app.

How students access the Lockdown Browser on a school provided Chromebook

Click the settings menu and choose 'Sign Out'

On the sign in screen, click the 'Apps' button at the bottom of the window.

Choose the LockDown Browser app.

The LockDown Browser for Chromebook should load and take students to a Google login prompt.

Enter school email login information to continue to Schoology.

Once in Schoology, navigate to the Test/Quiz and choose Start.

How students access the LockDown Browser on a personal device

Students can take a secure Schoology Test/Quiz on their personal Mac or Windows computers.

When a student navigates to a Test/Quiz on a personal computer, they will be presented with a button to download the LockDown Browser.

Once the LockDown Browser is installed, the student should be able to take the Test/Quiz with the same restrictions as students with a school Chromebook.

If a student does not have a school Chromebook or a personal device the LockDown Browser supports, it is highly recommended the student request a school Chromebook moving forward.