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How to set up 2-step verification for your SL Google account

In a continuing effort to improve tech security, all staff are now required to enable 2-step verification on their SL Google account.

There has been a substantial increase in attacks on school accounts over the past two years.  Adding 2-step verification significantly reduces the chance of account compromise.

What is 2-step verification?

2-step verification is the most effective way to add security to an account.  It asks you to authenticate that you are who you say you are by supplying not only your password but a unique code supplied from your phone or an external app. It ensures that those accessing your accounts have access to your physical devices as well as your virtual passwords. It makes a simple password crack or social engineering hack a lot more insufficient for actually accessing your personal data.

How to set up your SL Google account with 2-step verification

Google's experience with 2-step verification makes it a simple process to set up. Here's what you need to do.

1.  Visit Google's 2-Step Verification page and click on Get Started.  https://www.google.com/landing/2step/

2.  Enter your SL Google email and password (or just your password, if you're already logged in to Google).

3.  Click the Get Started button.

4.  Add a cell phone number that Google can send the six-digit verification code to.  (If you are unable or unwilling to use your cell phone number for this step, please contact tech support)

5.  Click Send.

6.  Verify your cell phone number by entering in the six-digit code Google sent you.

7.  Click Next

8.  You may be asked to choose whether or not to add your current computer as a trusted device — select Yes if this is your own assigned device, or choose No if it's a shared device.

9.  Confirm that you wish to turn on 2-step verification by clicking Turn On.

Google will now send your phone a six-digit code for any app that uses Google's web interface to authenticate your SL account.

However, we HIGHLY recommend you take one more step to complete this setup and add the Google Authenticator app to your phone.  This app is very small, does not require any permissions, and does not connect to any servers for any reason.

Adding the Google Authenticator app as a backup

1.  Visit your account's security preferences, click Authenticator App.  https://myaccount.google.com/u/2/signinoptions/two-step-verification

2.  Select whether you are using Android or iPhone.

3.  Click Next.

4.  Follow the App Store link on the 'Set up Authenticator' screen, download and open the app, press the + button and choose Scan barcode.

5.  Scan the on-screen QR code with the authenticator app.

7.  Now, any time you want to verify with 2FA, input the six digit verification code that shows up on the app. These codes expire after 30 seconds.

There are other 2FA options such as Google Prompts if you use the Gmail app on your phone.  This is a great 2FA option to consider as well.

That's it!  You have now secured your SL Google account with two forms of 2-step verification.  If you have any questions or issues, please contact tech support.  Thank you!