Create a parent email group

Open PowerTeacher Gradebook.

Click the class you want to work with, then click the Reports tab.

Double-click the Student Roster report.

Make sure Guardian Email is the only checkbox selected under Student Info.

Click Run Report.  Click Save Report.  Click OK

Save the report to your Desktop.  Go to your Desktop and double-click on the report to open it.

You should now see a listing of all your parent's emails.

Use your cursor to Select all of the emails.  (DO NOT CLICK ON THE EMAILS)

When the emails are blue, that indicates you have selected them correctly.  Click the Edit menu -> Copy.

Open your email inbox.  Click the word Mail on the left of the window and choose Contacts.

Next click the New Group... option.

Give your group a name and click OK.

Click on your group on the left side of the window.  Next click the Add To button at the top.

Finally, click in the box and press  Ctrl V  to paste the parent emails into the box.  Then click the Add option at the bottom.

Congratulations. You have created a parent email group.

To send a message to your group, enter the name of the group into the BCC option of your message.

Remember to use the BCC option to keep your parent emails private.